Johnny (it_cant_be_done) wrote,

Land to sea and back again and now it's only me, alone alone alone....trying get through to you my d

Long heated night.... But I cant do it any more, I can't let someone walk all over me. I have spent too many years not sticking up for myself. I'm broken, I've been pushed to my limit..... That takes a lot! You say I drive you nuts?! Sorry kid, I thought I could carry us both but I can't, not when I'm not getting any help, NOT even the respect I'm entitled to, I took you in, no questions asked, opened my home, gave you the clothes off my back, fed you, did anything I could to make you happy and I got Nothing in return. Not even the respect I deserve. I don't care what your excuse was, you don't treat people like that, I warned you, told you I had hit my limit. I tried to tell you, explain to you, make you see you didn't have to fight me. I just wanted to help you. But won't be helped, you can't treat me like the human I am. It had to be your way , always. Well guess what, you don't get to make that rule. Not after all that's happened. So this is it, i am broken, I hope your happy..... You've finally turned me into all the other assholes that fucked you over. Maybe one day you'll see that I wasn't out to get you. Maybe one day you'll understand it, know that it wasn't right for you to take so much from me and not feel the need to even try. I thought we'd really be forever. Friends like this don't come along so easy but when they do.... FUCK! We had some good times kid, I'll never forget that. You're still my seaside boy, you're still my Omarsito, I am gonna wonder about you forever just liked promised I would but this is Good bye. I can't help you anymore. I can't wait for you to get it anymore. I am sorry, I am Sorry, I AM SORRY! I know you hate that I say that but I am, I truly am Omar. Love always, your desert dream.

"oh you crawled out of the sea, straight into my arms..."

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