Johnny (it_cant_be_done) wrote,

Kiss that girl, made me cry

Well it's all boiled over finally. As of 5/29/2012 my life starts over, now to really focus and do what I know needs to be done. I finally stepped up to the plate for myself. I had the opportunity to beg for a second chance and I thought about it long and hard and decided I would NOT be that person ever again. I love him, but I gotta love me more! I'll survive, I'll make it, with time I'll be fine. It's scary. I'm 29 this month and starting over. A whole new life, never John & Manolo again, just Johnny.... No more, no less. Now starts the hard part, I let someone take "me" away from me, I gotta remember who "me" was and I gotta that person again, I gotta be BETTER than that person was, stronger. Dear Livejournal, I've said this before and now I truly mean..... It's just you and me from here on out.

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