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Typical Me, Typical ME, Typical Me

I've been completely fixated with the boy from saturday night... probably the most beutiful guy i have ever seen, everything about him was meticulously planned, not a hair out of place, just a hint of 5 o'clock scruff to let you know that it's there. his style! ugh.... his style, thats the kinda shit that i eat up. its been so long since i've seen such a sharply dressed guy, it was inspiring really. oxfords, tailored chinos, not too high, not too low, just enough ankle. a striped crew neck tee. a camel colored vintage sweater, methodically draped over your shoulder. your ear's stretched and your septum was pierced, so i knew you couldn't be that much of a puff, defintley a little roughness to your egdes... just a little. hair quaffed up with just a slight ducktail, as if you some how new my affinity for old americana. you were like something out of an old 50's queer pulp zine... obviously i woud be drawn to you lol

the whole thing felt like a scene of A Single Man, young and perfect. Me, old and complicated.

We made eyes a few times. had it not been for the fact that i looked a mess and had too much to drink, i probably would have been social. it was probably for the best that i didn't though, it would have all been in vain, i am obviously not in my right mind. Either way, it made my night.

It is so funny because as soon as you walked out onto the patio, Joey immediately made a joke... somehting along the lines of "there's your next trade" Little did he know lol. And had i been myself 4 years ago, i am sure that would've been the case. but such is fate... never the right place at the right time. Until Next time... i will settle for what never was and what might have been.

Chalk it up to Missed Connections

either way, i know how and where to find you should i change my mind
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